Specific learning disorders

Some children struggle with studies even though they are smart in many other activities. They may struggle with reading, writing, calculations, grasping difficult concepts etc…. These children usually have normal intelligence.

Often these problems come to attention when the child starts formal schooling i.e., grade 1 or sometimes later in the middle school.

How to identify learning disorders? 

Child can have

  • Difficulty understanding and following instructions
  • Slow writing, multiple errors
  • Mirror writing ex., using “b” for “d” / “on” for ”no”
  • Slow reading, struggling with alphabets
  • Difficulty in mathematics

Often learning problems can lead to

  • School refusal
  • Low self esteem
  • Aggression
  • Bullying

What are the treatment options for learning disorders?

The child and adolescent psychiatrist will analyse the cause or co occurring conditions like hyperactivity and offer treatment. She will also coordinate with the clinical psychologist for formal assessment of the exact nature of the difficulties i.e reading, writing or arithmetic difficulties. Following assessment, depending on the severity of the learning difficulty, the child may be referred for remedial education. Usually with remedial education, the child should be able to improve and attain his potential.